Jordan Winstanley

Jordan Winstanley
BSC, REPs Lv 3
Body Building 100%
Strength Training 90%
Weight Loss Management 90%
Fat Loss 90%
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Jordan is a personal trainer specialised in weight loss, conditioning and increasing muscle mass. Currently a BSc undergraduate in Sports Exercise Science and a UKBFF men’s physique competitor meaning his knowledge on changing body composition guarantees results.

Jordan is a UKBFF men’s physique British Finalist and recently placed top 3 on a national stage. He has given a host of clients the results they have always wanted and more importantly, enable them to maintain these results in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Jordan’s interests include rugby, having played for nearly fifteen years and more recently bodybuilding in which he competes in the men’s physique division. He is also a sponsored PhD nutrition athlete and a brand ambassador for Calibre Gym wear