We are the only Personal Training company around wirral who offer a money back guarantee. We promise that we will help you achieve the results you want or we will give you your money back. That is how confident we are about our team of expert Personal Trainers.

  • Builds stability and mobility necessary

    As a teaching professional, I incorporate yoga in every lesson I give. It is an invaluable tool for my teaching regimen as it builds stability and mobility necessary for a successful golf swing…

  • Back Ache Has Gone & 3 Under

    I First Started My Program With Lee To Correct Issues I had With My Posture Which Led To Me Topping The Ball And Constant Lower Back Pain. 12 Weeks On And I Have Corrected My Swing And The Back Feels Great. I’ve Even Managed To Get Back Playing Twice Per Week And My Game Has Improved Massively.
  • Dropped 2 dress sizes & lost 22lbs in 12 weeks

    Dropped 2 dress sizes & lost 22lbs in 12 weeks

    After having my two kids and very little time for myself Lee helped me fit exercise around my random working pattern. 12 weeks later I have reached my goal- dropping 2 dress sizes and 22lbs. But more importantly I have my confidence back , in body and mind.

    Emma Stam

    Aged 33
  • I saw results in three weeks!

    I saw results in three weeks!

    I started going to group personal training sessions for some motivation and I have never looked back. With help, I changed the way I eat and live and it is the best thing I have ever done. Classes are hard but what do you want or expect? I am now always getting compliments on the way I look and saw results in three weeks!! I hated going to the gym and found it very boring but I feel really comfortable at boot camp, I would never be without it now and I am still finding myself growing in strength. I must say though it is my confidence that has grown the most, nothing beats that feel good feeling when you leave the gym and that keeps me coming back for more. Everybody is really nice and there’s always a great atmosphere

    Gemma Burnell

    Aged 26
  • New much healthier lifestyle

    New much healthier lifestyle

    When my husband and I joined up with Wirral PT it was primarily to lose weight, along side this we have greatly improved our general fitness and overall well-being. It has given us a really good insight into exercise and healthy living which we incorporate into our new, much healthier, life style.

    10The trainers are all so motivational and supportive, I have recommended Wirral PT to many friends and family and will continue to do so. Lots of people have noticed the difference in the way I look which feels amazing. I have just booked some more sessions to get ready for the summer, it’s just an hour out of your day and you get such fantastic results, you leave each session feeling very accomplished!

    Suzanne & Gary Kenwright

    Husband & Wife
  • Miss International- bikini ready

    Miss International- bikini ready

    In 2013, I was heading to Japan for Miss International 2013, representing the UK. To get that ‘bikini body’ I enlisted the help of Wirral PT

    They taught me about the changes I needed to make to my diet, and the changes to my workout that would ensure optimum results. My body became leaner, toned and more defined in just a few short weeks.I thoroughly enjoyed working one on one with the trainers and learning about the exercises that were specific to my needs. It was also helpful to receive advice on exercises that can be done at home during the day when you don’t have time to make it to the gym! I owe my trainer so much for contributing to my success in Japan and would highly recommend them if your also looking to get bikini ready!


    Beth Greenham

    Miss international UK
  • Wedding ready

    Wedding ready

    Initially when meeting my trainer I was nervous, However within 10 minutes I was at ease as it was obvious he had the knowledge and skills to adapt our sessions to meet my individual abilities and goals. Since training with Lee I have lost lots of weight, decreased my body fat and increased my muscle mass but most importantly I’ve improved my fitness and recently achieved my personal goal of comfortably running 10km non-stop and enjoying the run. I have now set myself a goal of completing the London Marathon. I can honestly say Lee and I have never done the same session twice and it is his ability to mix up sessions that keeps them interesting and fun which is what keeps me coming back for more!

    Kathryn Nott

    Aged 28
  • My body has changed so much

    My body has changed so much

    Since working with my trainer i have only lost one and a half stone but my shape has changed so much. Every has noticed the difference and i’ve had so many nice comments from everyone. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Wirral PT so im grateful for all the help and support provided. I have been able to maintain my weight and continue to tone further a year on.

    Maria Challis

    Aged 37
  • Lost more than half my body fat in 12 weeks

    Lost more than half my body fat in 12 weeks

    I had promised myself at the age of 25 to be at my fittest and healthiest by my 30th birthday. 4 and a half years later I was still saying I will start tomorrow. I contacted Wirral PT to help me finally achieve my goals. My trainer designed a 12 week gym routine and diet program around what equipment was available in my gym and what healthy foods I enjoyed eating. They provided the support whenever I wanted/needed it and I was blown away by the results we achieved in only 12 weeks. I have lost 22lbs in weight, my body fat has reduced from 20.9% down to 7% and for the first time ever I could actually see muscle definition all over and even a 6-pack developing!! I would definitely recommend these guys.

    Rob O’Neill

    Aged 30
  • Lost 76lbs

    Lost 76lbs

    I recently decided that I needed the use of a personal trainer to help me achieve my weight loss goal. So far I have lost over 76 lbs, from my starting weight of 17Stone 10lbs, with the help of Lee. I have managed to drop my body fat percentage significantly and change my body shape completely. Lee has given me all the motivation and support I needed and as I can see results I am enjoying training, it’s such hard work, and results don’t happen overnight like we all wish it could, but to have a personal trainer working alongside you, pushing you to your maximum, it really pays off. I would highly recommend Lee If you too want to start or finish getting fit and achieving your targets.

    Craig Smart

    Aged 31
  • Lost weight and got new job

    Lost weight and got new job

    Before going to to Lee I had struggled with a 5k run. SInce having personal training sessions as well as a home workout program I have seen a huge difference. No personal training session is ever the same and the home workout program is changed regularly. His ability to be able to push me as well as explaining each new exercise has helped give me the results today. Since losing over 4 stone I have recently started my new career and couldn’t be happier.

    Beckie Clarke

    Aged 22
  • 42lbs lighter after 15 weeks

    42lbs lighter after 15 weeks

    As a General Practitioner I advise patients on an almost daily basis about the benefits of healthy eating & exercise, but putting what you “preach” into practise can be difficult when you are trying to balance work with busy family life. Rapidly approaching my 40th birthday, I contacted Lee to see what “Personal Training” would entail. Now into my 15th week & 42lb lighter, I could not be happier with the results! Lee has been pleasant, supportive & patient from the outset & our weekly workouts are tailored to me. He varies activities & exercises to keep me motivated & is happy to provide dietary advice when needed. I cannot recommend Lee enough – I only wish I’d called him earlier!

    Dr A Clark

    Aged 37
  • Now a regular gym goer and much fitter!

    Now a regular gym goer and much fitter!

    I’m 32 and work as a Service Delivery Manager for an IT firm. My lifestyle is pretty hectic but sedentary with me spending long hours in behind a desk or in the car and eating out when away from home. My exercise routine at the time consisted of playing squash twice a week. I had always been very active with a wide variety of physical activity but over the years my activity levels had dropped and I started to notice that I was gaining weight and struggling with my fitness on court. Lee Brogan came highly recommended by a close friend who had been training with him. Introductions made and following an initial consultation in September 2013, Lee arranged a ten week programme of one hour long, one to one sessions and a fitness plan for me to follow in my own time. I was looking for some help familiarising myself with the using the free weights in the gym and getting back into shape. Lee took time to listen to what I wanted to achieve and set out a programme for me to follow addressing both my physical activity levels and improving my diet. I found the personal training sessions both challenging and rewarding. The well planned weekly sessions introduced me to a variety of training techniques with each weeks programme different and often more technical then the last. Lee managed to make the session enjoyable whilst persuasively and enthusiastically encouraging me to work harder for longer. The PT sessions combined with the fitness programme Lee designed soon began to show improvements in my stamina, strength and physical appearance. I would confidently recommend Lee’s services and hope to work with him again in the future. He was a true professional throughout and helped me to exceed my own expectations of what was possible in such a short time. I now visit the gym on a regular basis in addition to playing squash and feel that Lee has helped me to change my lifestyle and I continue to feel the benefits. Thank you Lee.

    Shane Clarke

    Aged 32
  • I would recommend Lee to any individual, team or organisation looking to improve their athlete’s’ physical performance

    I would recommend Lee to any individual, team or organisation looking to improve their athlete’s’ physical performance

    Ever since we developed our relationship with Lee/Wirral PT, we have always been impressed. Over the past 3 years Lee’s commitment and dedication combined with his ability to develop professional working relationships with our players, has made Lee an integral part of our coaching team.

    The feedback from the players has been extremely positive and there’s no doubt Lee’s work has made a real impact on the Tranmere Rovers Academy U18 team. I would recommend Lee to any individual, team or organisation looking to improve their athlete’s’ physical performance.

    Shaun Garnett

    Tranmere Coach