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If you are struggling with your health and fitness goals or simply challenged with the commitment of a long term exercise program, personal training is definitely the way to achieve amazing results. Our expert personal trainers ensure you will achieve the results you want as quickly as possible. #Personal #Trainers #Wirral

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We have all the equipment required to put you through an amazing workout.... with none of the que's, judgemental eye's or other distractions you get when you go the gym. At personal trainers wirral we have our own private personal training studio located in Bromborough. There is also free car parking and shower/ changing facilities.
  • Testimonial
    Beckie Clarke, Aged 22

    Before going to to Lee I had struggled with a 5k run. SInce having personal training sessions as well as a home workout program I have seen a huge difference. No personal training session is ever the same and the home workout program is changed regularly. His ability to be able to push me as well as explaining each new exercise has helped give me the results today. Since losing over 4 stone I have recently started my new career and couldn't be happier.

  • Testimonial
    Craig Smart, Aged 31

    I recently decided that I needed the use of a personal trainer to help me achieve my weight loss goal. So far I have lost over 76 lbs, from my starting weight of 17Stone 10lbs, with the help of Lee. I have managed to drop my body fat percentage significantly and change my body shape completely. Lee has given me all the motivation and support I needed and as I can see results I am enjoying training, it's such hard work, and results don't happen overnight like we all wish it could, but to have a personal trainer working alongside you, pushing you to your maximum, it really pays off. I would highly recommend Lee If you too want to start or finish getting fit and achieving your targets.

  • Testimonial
    Beth Greenham, Miss international UK

    In 2013, I was heading to Japan for Miss International 2013, representing the UK. To get that 'bikini body' I enlisted the help of Wirral PT They taught me about the changes I needed to make to my diet, and the changes to my workout that would ensure optimum results. My body became leaner, toned and more defined in just a few short weeks.I thoroughly enjoyed working one on one with the trainers and learning about the exercises that were specific to my needs. It was also helpful to receive advice on exercises that can be done at home during the day when you don't have time to make it to the gym! I owe my trainer so much for contributing to my success in Japan and would highly recommend them if your also looking to get bikini ready!  

  • Testimonial
    Rob O’Neill, Aged 30

    I had promised myself at the age of 25 to be at my fittest and healthiest by my 30th birthday. 4 and a half years later I was still saying I will start tomorrow. I contacted Wirral PT to help me finally achieve my goals. My trainer designed a 12 week gym routine and diet program around what equipment was available in my gym and what healthy foods I enjoyed eating. They provided the support whenever I wanted/needed it and I was blown away by the results we achieved in only 12 weeks. I have lost 22lbs in weight, my body fat has reduced from 20.9% down to 7% and for the first time ever I could actually see muscle definition all over and even a 6-pack developing!! I would definitely recommend these guys.

  • Testimonial
    Shaun Garnett, Tranmere Coach

    Ever since we developed our relationship with Lee/Wirral PT, we have always been impressed. Over the past 3 years Lee’s commitment and dedication combined with his ability to develop professional working relationships with our players, has made Lee an integral part of our coaching team. The feedback from the players has been extremely positive and there’s no doubt Lee’s work has made a real impact on the Tranmere Rovers Academy U18 team. I would recommend Lee to any individual, team or organisation looking to improve their athlete's’ physical performance.

  • Testimonial
    Suzanne & Gary Kenwright, Husband & Wife

    When my husband and I joined up with Wirral PT it was primarily to lose weight, along side this we have greatly improved our general fitness and overall well-being. It has given us a really good insight into exercise and healthy living which we incorporate into our new, much healthier, life style. 10The trainers are all so motivational and supportive, I have recommended Wirral PT to many friends and family and will continue to do so. Lots of people have noticed the difference in the way I look which feels amazing. I have just booked some more sessions to get ready for the summer, it’s just an hour out of your day and you get such fantastic results, you leave each session feeling very accomplished!

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