Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage involves a variety of ‘Hands on’ Therapeutic massage techniques applied to the client for a number of reasons, such as improve recovery, improve performance or posture, as part of a warm up /  cool down of sports/exercise.

Sports massage is for everyone, you do not need to be an athlete or exercise loads to have a sports massage.… Actually some of the best results we have had are from general every day people, office workers are prone to tightness and pains associated with bad posture. So some more advanced sports massage known as sports therapy is very effective.

Pre  & Post event sports massage

Before a sporting event or exercise, a pre event sports massage may be suitable, pre event sports massage involves fast shallow massage techniques with the aim of ‘warming’ up the muscles and area being worked on by attracting blood to the area.  It also stimulates the body and mentally prepares you for whats coming.

Post sporting event or exercise session massage involves much deeper massage techniques with the intention of removing the lactic acid that may have accumulated during the activity.  Also trying to reduce tension in any affected muscles by including some advanced strectching techniques.  This would be the most common form of sports massage.