Eating Out On A Diet

Eating Out On A Diet

When you want to lose weight but don’t want to become a social recluse it pays to know which foods you should be choosing. The healthier options on the menu aren’t always that easy to spot so I’ve done some homework for you so you can make the right low calorie choices!


Nando’s: Get a bread-free chicken fix with the butterfly chicken at 310 calories or the  Peri-peri Chicken Fillet Pitta that’s only 347.

Pizza Express: The saintly Leggara pizza is only 500 calories. Alternatively, packed with lots of delicious superfoods, the Leggera Superfood Salad is a must-try at 294 calories.

Wetherspoons: Although the rump steak might sound appealing, it has a whopping 985 cals! Get your protein fix and cut the calories by going for something slightly lighter, like the superfood pasta with chicken, containing 661.  Without the chicken it’s only 471 cals!

Wagamama: If you’re heading out for a Japanese treat, go for the mushroom ramen at 368 cals.

Pizza Hut: Try the Hawaiian on an Italian base at a great 160 calories per slice.
TGI Friday’s: If you’re after a tasty American treat, the Cajun-spiced Chicken Quesadilla packs a spicy kick and comes in at 260 calories.

KFC: Burgers aren’t completely off the menu if you’re trying to be good. Opt for the Grilled BBQ Ranch Burger at 395 calories or be good and order the Chicken Salad that’s only 265 calories.

Harvester: For a saintly chicken dish, opt for the Simply Chicken, which includes a flame-grilled chicken breast, jacket potato and peas at 560 calories.

Burger King: Be good and go for the Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap at 343 calories.

Frankie & Benny’s: The next time you’re eating Italiano, go for the spaghetti Bolognese from Frankie & Benny’s Lighter Option menu – a delicious pasta dish with beef ragu at 365 calories.

Subway: Pick up a 6” BLT, with a heavenly 232 calories or Turkey Breast Sub comes in at only 278 calories.

Prezzo: If you’re thinking of tucking into a moreish pasta at Prezzo, go for the Penne ArRabbiata Light at 383

McDonalds: Give the McChicken Sandwich a try. At 385 calories

Zizzi: The Pomodoro pasta comes in at 664 calories.