Lift Weights? Do Yoga!

Lift Weights? Do Yoga!

Have you heard the terms #Swole #Flexi ? Thats because lifting weights and yoga go hand in hand. Flexibility is an important yet often overlooked component of a well-rounded fitness routine, especially for those who smash the gym. Even more so for those that lift weights for a sport or do olympic lifts which place greater demands on the body’s mobility, balance, coordination, and flexibility than perhaps regular gym work.

When you lifts weights we require an adequate range of motion around the joints,  it is imperative to perform loaded movement patterns safely and effectively. So by incorporating yoga and stretching it will  enhance joint stability and mobility, help address existing muscle imbalance and allow for greater ease and efficiency when performing lifts and sports.

If you regularly stretch or practice yoga you also get a greater understanding of how your body feels on a daily basis and allows you to spot potential injures or niggles before you perhaps cause further injury in the weight room.

The following yoga poses focus on stretching the major muscle groups typically used when in the gym. They also help enhancing mobility in the hips, ankles, shoulders and thoracic spine. Theres plenty of value in incorporating them into your daily routine, both in terms of improving performance and aiding recovery.

6 Essential Yoga Poses For Lifters

1. Up Dog

Allows for extension in the lower back and opens up the hip flexors and and quads.

2. Down Dog

Lengthens through the shoulders and back, also stretches into hamstring and calves. Great for strengthening wrists too so this pose is a winner.

3.Revolved Crescent Lunge

The twist means we are working through the thoracic spine, while getting a good stretch into the hip flexors.

4. Triangle Pose

Theres not much this posture doesn’t work as you’ll feel this into the hamstring, lower back, shoulders and chest.

5. Pigeon Pose

Stretches into the flutes and helps if you suffer from tight hip flexors.

6. Childs Pose

Creates length through the spine and back, stretches into quads

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