Spot Light On: Jordan

jordan winstanley personal trainer wirral

Name: Jordan Winstanley

Age: 22

Qualifications: BSc Sports exercise & Coaching. Pt level 3

Hobbies: Most sports really. I enjoy watching and playing.

Favourite exercise: Definitely deadlifts/ Rack pulls

Least favourite: I wouldn’t say I had a least favourite, Burpees I avoid but who would voluntarily do them? 😂

Favourite gym equipment: Free Weights

Favourite quote: ‘He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right’

Single best bit of advice to clients: Patience is vital, sustainability is far more effective that cycles of weight gain and weight loss, 1.5lb loss a week doesn’t sound a lot but 10 weeks down the line, 15lb sounds a lot better. Too many people rush into crash dieting and manic exercise and leave themselves with an unhealthy relationship towards the whole process, simple changes can lead to the best results in the long term! Oh and drink lots of water

Favourite food: Tough one, it depends on my mood but I love Mexican food so I’d say fajitas

Memorable moment: Winning a men’s physique show and placing top 7 in the country at British Finals or when I beat Lee at 10 minutes max distance on the ski erg, that was a massive moment for me

He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right

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