Spot Light On: Helen

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Name: Helen Warren

Age: 33

Qualifications: Pt level 3, spinning, boxersise, aerobics, aqua aerobics, hatha yoga, Reki level 2

Hobbies: I love being outdoors walking running or cycling

Favourite exercise: Yoga

Least favourite: Mountain Climbers

Favourite gym equipment: KO8

Favourite quote: “pull your core in” my poor yogis that’s all they hear!

Single best bit of advice to clients: Don’t get stuck doing a style of training or a diet that you know you hate. Find joy in doing activities that suite your mind and body. If you enjoy it and look forward to it you’ll turn up and deliver 100%. Do that every session and you’ll soon have the results you crave.

Favourite food: Avocado, goes with everything.

Memorable moment: Finishing my first ever marathon, Snowdonia! Best feeling ever. Even better the year after when I smashed 40 minutes off my previous time.

Pull Your Core in

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