5 reasons why you shouldn’t exercise in a group or bootcamp!

5 reasons why you shouldn’t exercise in a group or bootcamp!

Here are 5 reasons you should not do group pt or bootcamp….

Reason no 1:

Exercising in a small group will cost you much less. If you’re the sort of person who likes to pay excessively for something or feel like you dont get value for money then group pt is not for you. For instance our Group Pt sessions cost £50 per month, Thats for 3 sessions per week and works out at a meagre £4 per session… far too cheap for you big spenders!

Reason no 2:

If you want to actually see results then you definitely do not want group pt or bootcamp sessions . I know lots of eprople like the idea of going the gym 4 or 5 days per week and doing their usual routine of not very much or the same old same old. Our bootcamp certainly isn’t that sorry, we change our programming every 8 weeks to ensure participants continue to see results and be challenged in sessions.

Reason no 3:

Weight loss and fitness improvements are not at the forefront of your goals. Youd probably much rather sit on a bike in the gym and text or stay at home on the couch. Our sessions are geared towards helping clients lose weight and tone up. We had two people on our last bootcamp lose just under two stone within 8 weeks. If you dont want to improve your body shape and confidence you’d be better giving our sessions a miss.

Reason no 4:

You dont want to be told what to do. No one likes been told what to do, especially by our experienced and expert personal trainers who take the sessions. If you’d rather not be guided safely through an effective fat burning workout in our private studio with some of the best kit around then stir clear.

Reason no 5:

You already have bags of motivation an dont need any extra. Working out within a small group setting with support and motivation from like mided people and top trainers just wont benefit you if you already have the motivation to smash the gym. you wont benefit from dietary support or on hand experts either!


You can see I make a very persuasive argument for not training at our facility in one of our group sessions. HOwever if you would rather make your own mind up on how bad group pt is for you then we run sessions at 6:45pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday. If you’d like to attend a free session then fill in the form below and we’d be happy to oblige providing we have spaces free. we limit numbers to 12 in a sesison so all our members feel they are getting plenty of attention and support.