5 mistakes that are making you FAT!

5 mistakes that are making you FAT!

1. Your salad is a full of fat or high in calories

Salad loses its healthiness when you add more than one calorie-dense topping, such as cheese, nuts, dried fruit, or croutons. Cheeses for instance is high in bad saturated fat, and though nuts have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that may help raise good cholesterol, a small serving of walnuts (about 7 pieces) can add up to about 185 calories and 18 g of fat.

The easy way to fix this is to make sure that three-quarters should be fresh fruits and vegetables, and the last quarter should be a combo of lean protein, like chicken, plus a complex carbohydrate such as wheat berries or quinoa. Then allow yourself two tablespoons of calorie-dense items or dressing.

2. Your Tea or Coffee..

Drinking coffee or tea plain isn’t the problem. In fact, both drinks have been shown to have a number of health benefits. The problem lies when you add major calories and saturated fat from adding ingredients such as sugar, syrups, honey, cream, and whole milk. While honey may seem like a natural, healthier alternative to sugar, the fact is it has 21 calories per teaspoon versus sugar’s 16.

To fix this, opt for a low-cal sweetener or a lower-fat drink. Ideally switch to green tea as studies show that the more ou drink the more you shrink thanks to its fat burning effects.

3. You’ve eat well all day so you’ll reward yourself at night.

The Jekyll and Hyde of healthy eating—restricting calories so much by day that by night you’re ravenous. After dinner, you treat yourself and before you know it, you have net actually eat that well after all.

This can be rectified by start the day off with a breakfast that’s really satisfying—like porridge, eggs, or Greek-style yogurt with some fruit. Then at lunch, combine healthy carbs, protein, and fat. The same for dinner. rather than feeling restricted in the day and binging at night eating a proper balanced diet will prevent you craving snacks and feeing hungry all the time. Then you can save your reared for your weekly cheat meal, when you’ve actually earned it.

4. You eat on the go or out your car

I have a number of clients who tell me they live in their car, if like them when we first met you probably consume a lot of calories in your car, too. Meal deals, service station snacks, consumed with little idea of how much you’ve inhaled, or you perhaps pull into the nearest drive-thru.

this isn’t an easy fix, it involves a little bit of preparation and thought in advance. Preempt unrestrained snacking by packing portable snacks that are calorie-controlled such as small bags of cashews or an apple. Failing that, avoid routes where you know you are likely to go past the drive through.

5. You work from home

the opposite of working on the go, you work from home and most of the time, It’s just you and the fridge! Because your not in a structured work environment like an office you can grab some food or a snack whenever you want (maybe even two or four).

The best way to fix this is to keep a food log of your daily activities, including the time you eat. Chances are, once you see how often you’re indulging, you’ll be shamed into cutting back. If you still feel the need to grab a snack, eat it at the kitchen table and not in front of the laptop. Without the distraction of the computer, TV, or newspaper, you’ll be much more aware of how often you eat out of habit rather than hunger.

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