Meal Planning & Prep

Meal Planning & Prep

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”

If you are really SERIOUS about making a change in your nutrition, then meal planning is a must.

Think for a moment about the areas in your life that you excel at. Whatever it may be, my guess is that the success you are experiencing didn’t just happen; there was a lot that went into getting where you are right now—including planning.

If achieving results is a priority for you, then you will make the time to plan your meals and prepare them.

The things on which we spend our time and money dictate what is important to us. If you are not spending your time and money on things that are moving your closer to your goals, then it’s time to make some changes.

Once YOU make the time in your calendar to plan and prepare my meals, you start looking better, feeling better, and performing better.  Its simple!!

Timing Saving Tips

  • Schedule a time each week to plan your meals for the following week. Once you have your meals planned, make your shopping list from your meal plan.
  • Schedule a specific time to go to the shop.
  • Post your meal plan in a place you can easily see it so that you know if you need to pull something out of the freezer or prep something ahead of time.
  • Use a slow cooker to have dinner ready on the evenings you are very busy.
  • Cook in bulk and plan for leftovers or freeze meals to pull out when you may need them.

Some of these tips may seem simple—and they are—but I promise you if you implement them, you will save yourself time and energy and decrease your stress level. Stop and think about how many trips you make to the shop in a week, if you could make 2 trips versus 4 or 5, how much time and energy would that save you? By having your meals planned, you don’t have to make the decision at any given meal about what to eat. That will not only save you energy but also keep you on track with your supportive nutrition plan.

Take some time to evaluate your current meal planning and prepping strategies and if they are working for you.

  • Are they moving you closer to your goals?
  • Do they enhance your quality of life?
  • Do they decrease your stress level?