Play golf? Get in the gym!

Play golf? Get in the gym!
The Wirral is set to become the “capital of England’s Golf Coast”, after the announcement of a multi-million pound golf resort planned for land adjacent to the famous Royal Liverpool Golf Club.Expect the development of this championship golf course to mean Wirral golfers will be upping their game. If we know anything from watching the modern game, Rory McIlroy has proved that a 6 pack and a killer golf game go hand-in-hand. So if you want to lower your handicap, you need to get in shape.Be careful, you can’t just do any workout. A golfers gym program needs to specifically target the muscles you use on the course while recreating the way you use them. Even the average golfer can improve their game from training like a pro in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, gym work won’t replace practicing your drive or short game, it’ll enhance your game.
When working out you want to ensure you improve your dynamic flexibility, which is necessary for more range in your swing. Your program should build greater acceleration and force—and prevent early deceleration—of your club head, which can improve the distance of your drives. And you’ll build a more stable base, which helps you control your swing and leads to better consistency. Not to mention decreasing risk of injuries on the course. Some of the exercises might feel totally unfamiliar so I’d recommend seeing the help of a professional to demonstrate them correctly to you. Many of the exercises involve an element of deep, diaphragmatic breathing. Researchers discovered that this innovative method teaches you how to control muscle tension that can throw off skilled movements like a golf swing or putt.You’ll notice an increase in mobility allowing you to transfer your new found power and range of movement into your swing.

Here are 3 exercises I would include in your gym routine if you want to improve your golf game:

1. Single arm cable or band row- Standing with your feet hip dance apart and knees softly bent. Keep your shoulders back. Now pull the handles toward you as if you were rowing.Working one side/arm at a time strengthens your core muscles, working the stomach and back.

2. Dumbbell shoulder press-  (single leg) Use one leg instead of two to improve strength and stability in your weaker leg. Work the thigh, calf and glutes by pushing the sled up the incline. Then repeat both sides.

3. Swiss ball reverse crunch- place your feet on a swiss ball hip distance apart. Keeping your stomach tight and back parallel with the floor pull the swiss ball in towards your chest with your legs and back out straight. Strong abs increase the speed with which the body unwinds, adding distance to your shots. They also provide stamina to repeat the rotation and increase accuracy.

Click Here To View A Short Video Of How To Perform Those Exercises

If you are a wirral based golfer who would like to talk to one of our experienced trainers about a gym program to improve your golf game then please complete our contact form for a free consultation.

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