Why Hire A Personal Trainer

Why Hire A Personal Trainer

Note: You wouldn’t attempt to learn to drive without the help of a proper driving instructor

Getting back into exercise for the first time or after a long break is a lot like learning to drive. You wouldn’t take to the roads without first having lessons from an actual driving instructor. Exercise is very similar…. going to the gym with a friend or work colleague is a bit like learning to drive with your dad… they have some exercise knowledge and have probably worked out for a while themselves. They may be in good shape but do they really know what YOU should be doing? Do they know how to correctly instruct you to do certain exercises? Do they understand how to properly program workouts to avoid injury or around injuries? If your looking to lose weight or put on size, do they have the nutritional knowledge to advise you on the correct diet plan for you??

I don’t need a personal trainer….

Perhaps you don’t need a personal trainer and you decide you want to go it alone. Not everyone does need a personal trainer however the 2 main reasons people fail to achieve their results when they workout alone is… no1 they lose motivation or no2 they get injured. These are just two of the main reasons a personal trainer can help. At wirral pt we ensure our clients stay focused week after week and even after they achieve their goals as we don’t want to see our clients work hard only to put their weight back on or lose their fitness. Injury is prevented by ensuring sessions are tailored around clients goals and also any injuries or issues they may have. Sessions are structured in a progressive way so as you improve week on week your personal trainer gradually increases the workout difficulty. 

Are you really taking this fitness thing serious? 

If you want to take your goals seriously then then you want to hire a properly qualified personal trainer or driving instructor. At Wirral PT our qualified and experienced Wirral based personal trainers are experts in weight loss, toning and improving overall fitness. We are the only personal training  company on the Wirral who offer a money back guarantee. 

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