Personal Training That Wont Break The Bank

Personal Training That Wont Break The Bank

Losing weight can be expensive…. gym memberships, personal training, homegrown healthy organic unwashed super expensive healthy food, diet cook books, new gym clothes, new trainers that match your gym clothes….. then you lose the weight and you have to buy new suits, new underwear, more new gym clothes because the old ones don’t fit anymore and then obviously new trainers to match your new gym clothes.

A cheaper way to get great results and lose weight without it costing the earth

Wirral PT run group personal training session which give you access to a personal trainer 3 times per week in a very small group of usually 3 or 4 people for only £10 per week. That 12 sessions per month under PT instruction and guidance doing workouts that are proven to reduce body fat and improve fitness. The very same personal trainers that we would charge £35 per session for on a 1-2-1 basis.

Whats involved in a group personal training session?

Sessions vary from session to session but as the numbers of the group are only small each participant gets plenty of 1-2-1 instruction and guidance during these sessions. They are very much tailored towards weight loss, toning and improving overall fitness. They are also suitable for all levels of fitness from beginners to more advanced gym goers.

Where are these group personal training sessions?

We have a private personal training studio in Birkenhead and its fully kitted out so we have a range of different equipment to provide the very best in group fitness sessions. This IS’NT a bootcamp in a wet park with nothing but a few old tyres and just your bodyweight. We ensure sessions are very structured and pay close attention to all participants to ensure exercises are carried out carefully and correctly.

How do is sign up?

Places are limited and at the minute we only have 2 spots left on our 7:15pm group PT sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are interested in trying a free week trial then get in touch here

See what are members say:


“I started going to group personal training sessions for some motivation and I have never looked back. With help, I changed the way I eat and live and it is the best thing I have ever done. Classes are hard but what do you want or expect? I am now always getting compliments on the way I look and saw results in three weeks!! I hated going to the gym and found it very boring but I feel really comfortable at boot camp, I would never be without it now and I am still finding myself growing in strength. I must say though it is my confidence that has grown the most, nothing beats that feel good feeling when you leave the gym and that keeps me coming back for more. Everybody is really nice and there’s always a great atmosphere


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